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"The R.I.P. Files" features a different group of paranormal investigators, based in Washington DC, who use their psychic abilities and their deep knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations. These investigators encourage the spirits to share their stories in their own words through amazing EVPs and other evidence that is bridging the gap between the worlds of science and spirituality. Not just another ghost show, "The R.I.P. Files" explores the issues of life and death that we all must face. As they learn and grow in their profession, making new discoveries that push the boundaries of paranormal research even further, the investigators also find themselves compelled to examine the effects of their activities on their own lives, on the lives of those around them, and on the spirits themselves.

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  • The Carroll Street Café in Frederick, MD, is built on the site of a cave nestled between the massive limestone rock formations which surround this area. Originally used as a grain elevator, the four story building has housed many small businesses including mechanical, millenary, a coffee shop, and now this cafe. The investigation lasted over eight hours and was spectacularly successful. Phenomena reported included: whispering voices, cold spots, chills, a moving chair, direct responses, and much more. Many of the personal experiences and psychic impressions picked up by R.I.P. investigators have already been corroborated and confirmed. A Tarot reading by R.I.P. Adept Sean Hanover provided a possible answer to a decades old mystery.

  • The Byrd Theatre, built in 1928 is now state and national landmark that continues to attract audience for movies and paranormal activity. While investigating the theater, the team we interacted with the spirit of a little girl and found that the former manager is still in charge (or at least he thinks he is). Several other spirits are apparently in residence at this theatre, including at least one who asked very clearly why we were there.

  • The most famous inhabitant of Oaklands Mansion was Major Contee, who was known for his outrageous behavior, and so named the Mad Major. Using hypnosis, Jim puts Sara into a trance that results in enhanced psychic senses and leads directly to the discovery of a previously unknown spirit on the second floor. When told about the incident later, the owner of Oaklands Mansion immediately recognizes his great aunt as the spirit who appeared to Sara. Through one lively encounter and several clear EVPs, Major Richard Contee (the “Mad Major”) proves that he’s still in command at Oaklands Mansion. Additional EVPs confirm the rumors of a woman and a child on the premises and provide intriguing clues about the possible identity of the young boy that may explain the reason behind the hauntings at Oaklands Mansion.

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