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Road Rules is a very popular television reality show that ran for 14 seasons on MTV. The series was started with a concept similar to the other MTV reality show that was airing at the time, The Real World. The two shows were created by the same production team of Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim. The seeds were planted for Road Rules during the second season of the Real World. For that edition, set in Los Angeles, several cast members traveled to the shooting location in an RV. During some of the seasons, the casts of both shows would intermingle as a part of different challenges and tasks.

The first season consisted of five contestants who were set up to live and travel together in a RV. All of the contestants had to surrender all of their cash. The goal was to travel around to certain specified locations and complete challenges and perform different jobs for money. If they were able to successfully complete the journey, they would be rewarded with handsome prize. Over the course of the series some of the grand prizes included overseas trips, vehicles, cash, and various high tech gadgets.

The cast of season one included Kit Hoover, Allison Jones, Shelly Spottedhorse, and Mark Long. Long appeared on The Real World: San Francisco. He interviewed with the cast to try and earn a spot in the house when David Puck Rainey was evicted from the house. He failed to impress the cast enough to earn the spot.

The show continued to evolve from season to season. Season 3 was the first season to venture outside of the US, when the show was produced in Europe. Season 4 saw the cast leave the RV at home and travel to the Caribbean. Season 9 saw a major overhaul of the show. Road Rules abandoned the documentary style reality show to a game show type of format. The cast of that season would need to team up to complete challenges. If they completed them successfully they would win prize money and if they failed to complete the challenge, they would lose money from their prize pool. Season 10 evolved further, adding a stipulation that they would need to vote a cast member off of the show after losing two challenges. Season 14 was the final season of the show. That cast included viewers that were at home.

After stopping production, Road Rules spun off onto a competition show where former cast members would battle with ex cast members from The Real World in the show Road Rules/Real World challenge.

14 Seasons, 226 Episodes - Canceled
July 19, 1995
Road Rules
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  • A surprise last minute ejection keeps one Road Ruler from earning the final reward, just as Adam and Tori are sent to fight for their safety in the Pit. At the last Pit Stop, the Road Rulers encounter one of the most dangerous, high-speed missions yet.

  • David returns to the RV and swears he's never going back in again. The Road Rulers travel to Vegas where their mission is to audition for a Cirque Du Soleil show.

  • "œStone Cold" Steve Austin hands the Road Rulers their next mission. The alumni and Tori continue to create tension with their voting strategy for the Pit.

  • In hopes to return to the RV, Susie and Derek face the Pit together. The Road Rulers become honorary San Diego Chargers in a full-on brawl against the Pit Crew. Tension reaches an exciting climax when Ivory voices her true feelings.

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