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The television series Romeo x Juliet is based on the play of Romeo and Juliet from the classical days. The original author of this classical version of Romeo and Juliet is William Shakespeare. The Romeo x Juliet anime series put their own unique twists during the time it was on air. This show was originally aired in the country of Japan. Romeo x Juliet was on air for 6 months in the year 2007. Finally, in the year 2009, this Japan show was released into the United States by an American Entertainment Company.

The Anime show Romeo x Juliet starts out on Neo Verona, which is a floating island. Montague leads his armored men into a fight with the Capulet rulers of the floating island. Juliet is the lone survivor on the island, due to the help of loyalists in the area. While Juliet is attending the Rose Ball, an event being held by the Montague family, she meets and falls in love with Romeo. The ending of the show has tragedies strike for both families and lives are lost.

Romeo x Juliet has been reproduced into many forms of media in the past 5 years. The first type of media is the Anime version that was produced in the year 2007. The Anime version helped bring the Manga series along that same year in a magazine. The Manga series is the second media derived from this show. The third media produced is a Radio Internet series, which is named RomeJuli x Radio and has been streaming since the year 2007. A Soundtrack is the fourth type that has become since the original Anime show in Japan. The Soundtracks included in the disk are from the whole show.

1 Season, 24 Episodes - New Series
April 4, 2007
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Romeo x Juliet Full Episode Guide

  • As Juliet prepares herself for the ultimate sacrifice, Romeo fights furiously to save the woman he loves above all else.

  • Fate is a cruel and curious mistress. No one knows this better than Juliet, who prepares for an assault on Conrad Montague with a heavy heart and grim resolution.

  • With the city crumbling around her, Juliet pays a visit to her parents' final resting place. It is there she encounters Ophelia and learns the painful truth about her ultimate destiny.

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