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The Rooftop Prince is an intriguing television series from South Korea that can be considered a romantic comedy with a murder mystery twist. The story begins when a Joseon crown prince, Lee Gak, awakes to find that his beloved crown princess has been drowned in a pond. Believing that it was not an accident the prince immediately calls for an investigation. While the prince and his entourage are waiting to interrogate a witness they are confront by assassins. Running for their life, the prince and his entourage jump off of a cliff.

The prince along with his tutor, personal bodyguard and palace eunuch are transported 300 years into the future and land in present day Seoul. They fall into the rooftop apartment of Park Ha and believe that they have been placed there to solve the crown princesses death or they will never be able to return home to Joseon.

Park Ha is not so sure about her new found friends and although she has a hard time believing their story she agrees to let them stay with her. If trying to teach them about the 21st century was not enough; when the prince meets Park's step-sister Se-Na he believes that she is his beloved crown princess reincarnated.

Se-Na is not all that she appears to be though because as a master manipulator she managed to become the personal assistant to the CEO (Kang) of a very prestigious company. She also is having a scandalous affair with Tae Mu, the heir to the company. Two years earlier Tae Mu is believed to have killed his cousin Tae Yong while they were on vacation which left him the sole heir to the company.

When the CEO of the company meets the prince she believes that he is her long lost grandson Tae Yong and the only way the prince can get to Se-Na is to pretend to be Tae Yong. This does not sit very well with Tae Mu who is now afraid that he secret will be revealed and it does not sit well with Park Ha who is falling in love with the prince.

The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place and the prince is getting closer to the secret of Tae Yong and solving his wife's death. The real problem for the prince is deciding if he wants to return to his time or stay in the present.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 20 Episodes - Canceled
March 21, 2012
Comedy, Fantasy, Korean Drama, Romance
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Rooftop Prince Full Episode Guide

  • Lee Gak is back in Joseon and gets closer to finding the truth behind the Crown Princess' murder.

  • Se Na must choose between her Tae Moo and her sister Park Ha while Lee Gak struggles to save Park Ha from a dangerous accident.

  • The conditions of the late Chairman Yeo's will are announced. In a desperate move to claim the inheritance, Tae Moo corners Prince Lee Gak with an accusation.

  • When Chairman Jang suddenly decides to take one of her daughters to Hong Kong, Tae Moo and Lee Gak find themselves scrambling to outdo the other.

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