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The television series Rookies are about men and women who have gone through training at various police academies to become police officers in various towns and cities. In episode one of season one the show is about two police officers who have completed their training and have been placed with a police department, where they receive their on the job training before being placed as regular officers.

The first episode is about Hugh Herndon who had been a school teacher and decided that he would like to become part of the Tampa, Florida police department. Anthony "A. J." Cafaro is the other rookie officer who is placed with the Tampa police department. "A. J." had been the manager of a restaurant before he decided to become a police officer.

Hugh is assigned to be with patrol officer Danny Rhodes who is a field training officer and works with rookie officers to help them learn what is expected of them and how to do their job as proficiently as possible. The first call they receive is about a woman who is taking her clothes off in front of a business.

"A. J." is assigned to work with field training officer Britt Martinez and their first call to investigate is the break in of truck. When they arrive at the place where the truck is parked, Officer Martinez asks "A. J." what is the first thing they will want to do. When he replies that it is to check for fingerprints she wants to know how he will go about getting the fingerprints. During the process of "A. J." dusting the truck for prints, he forgets that he should not touch his face while doing it.

The two rookie officers along with their training officer receives several calls during their shift ranging from minor things to severing a search warrant and a homicide. Each rookie learns how to deal with handling suspects and the first day on the job is really rough.

1 Season, 17 Episodes - Canceled
October 21, 2008
Action & Adventure, Crime, Reality
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Rookies Full Episode Guide

  • Vincent Capo went from being a chef to becoming a JPSO rookie police officer in less than a year. A desire to help his community pushed Vincent from a job behind the scenes to one very much under the spotlight. FTO Mike Pizzulato is concerned that Vince's shyness and difficulty in communicating with others will hold him back. Then when Vincent fails a simple, but extremely important test, Mike is furious, and his doubts increase.Kevin McGuffie is a hometown boy who wanted to serve his community as a cop ever since he was a little kid. Kevin gets paired with no-nonsense FTO Danny Bostic. On a routine traffic stop, Kevin makes a mistake that will continue to haunt him. On the shifts that follow, Kevin doesn't screw up, but he doesn't exactly shine either. Danny lets Kevin know that he needs to step up or step off.

  • A rookie with military experience has an advantage over the others, but that doesn't sit well with the rest of the rookies. Also, a deadeye rookie wants to show off his shooting skills, but hasn't had the call yet.

  • A rookie gets his chance at using the "rookie voice" he's been practicing when they are called to a narcotics bust, a robbery case and crowd control. Also, a rookie from Alabama tries to find his Tampa accent, but has no time to try it in the field because of paperwork.

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