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The TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is a show about a young girl named Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina comes to live with her aunts named Hilda and Zelda in Massachusetts. They also have a talking cat named Salem. When Sabrina turns 16, she realizes she has magical powers. Hilda and Zelda explain to Sabrina that they are witches, and since she is blood related, that Sabrina is also a witch. Sabrina thinks they are crazy. Then one day a magical book opens up and out pops her father. He explains everything to her. The book has all kinds of spells and she needs to pass her witch's license before she turns 18.

Sabrina has only a few close friends, Valerie and Harvey. Along with Sabrina they are considered outcasts by fellow students. The ringleader is a cheerleader named Libby Chessler. She finds excitement out of humiliating Sabrina and her friends. She is always trying to embarrass them. Unbeknownst to Libby, Sabrina usually casts spells which in turn, humiliate Libby. Libby gets so angry that she is always getting the principal Mr. Kraft involved. He is very suspicious of Sabrina, but doesn't know why.

Sabrina starts to realize that she has a crush on Harvey. Eventually, they begin dating. She is instructed that Harvey is to never find out that she is a witch. After so many weird scenerios and mishaps, Harvey questions Sabrina. He knows something is different but can't put his finger on it. Sabrina finally confides in Harvey and Valerie on Friday the 13th. It's a day where witches can spill the beans on their family secret and then the next day it will be forgotten. Sabrina is relieved at how well Harvey takes it. She feels confident that when she can finally tell him, he will accept it.

High school passes and she goes on to college. Friendships come and go and so do boyfriends. The shows finale, she ends up running off with her first and true love, Harvey Kinkle.

The WB
7 Seasons, 203 Episodes - Canceled
September 27, 1996
Comedy, Fantasy
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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Full Episode Guide

  • Sabrina is plagued by doubts on her wedding day.

  • Sabrina's friendship with Roxie and Morgan is put to the test.

  • When Aunt Irma pays Sabrina a surprise visit before her wedding, Sabrina tries to conceal the fact that Aaron is a mortal. However, when Harvey shows up and tells Irma that he isn't a witch, she turns Aaron into a fish. Ultimately, Sabrina and Harvey are able to change Aaron back into a human. While this is going on, Roxie and Morgan are interviewing potential roommates to move into the house after the wedding.

  • After going to a bridal fair, Sabrina decides to have a princess wedding. After contacting Cinderella for help planning it, she quickly becomes a monster with the way she went overboard in planning. After realizing what she has done, Sabrina decides to forgo the elaborate plans and goes along with Morgan and Roxie's wedding plans, after reluctantly put aside their differences to plan Sabrina's bridal shower.

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