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Saint Seiya Omega (also depicted as Saint Seiya ?) is the newest edition of Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya anime series, taking place. Omega takes place a quarter century in the future to parallel the quarter century anniversary of the Saint Seiya franchise. However, this series is not directly controlled by Kurumada in any form, but he is credited as the series creator. With that said, it's also worth noting that most of the original team behind Saint Seiya is behind Omega, such as the lead character designer and head writer.

As the story takes place 25 years after the events of the original Saint Seiya (as well as Next Demension, Episode G, and The Lost Canvas), the Holy Wars which were fought in the Twentieth Century have long since ended. The patron goddess Athena still lingers on the planet Earth, after reincarnating to purify it. Her Saints are still serving her as well. While these are a new generation of Bronze Saints, they are ever vigilant to thwart evil should it ever rear its ugly head again. Pegasus Seiya, of the previous series, is now venerated as a Saint of legend by the world.

Moving on to the Bronze Saints themselves, there is the lead protagonist, Koga. Koga is destined to become the Pegasus Bronze Saint and is even taught some life lessons by the vaunted Pegasus Bronze Saint Seiya. Koga later becomes aware of his ties to Erebus, which give him command over the element of Darkness. Souma is to be the Lionet Bronze Saint whose friendly, yet impulsive, nature shows even further when his elemental command of Fire is given consideration. Yuna is an independent female Aquila Saint. While she initially wore the traditional mask of a female Saint (requiring them to be hidden away from male Saints at all times), she has since discarded the mask and longs for a time when Saints-both male and female-can be treated with equal regard. Her free nature can be seen as an influence of her command over Wind. Ryuhou is the Dragon Bronze Saint, albeit only 12 years old and of a considerably weak constitution. He can be a powerful Saint who regards Koga as closely as a brother.

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Saint Seiya Omega Full Episode Guide

  • With the aid of everyoen's cosmo, Pegasus's omega cloth evolves even further. Koga challenges Saturn again, and Saturn is shocked at his strength. During the battle, Saturn feels a strange excitement. It is a passion he's never felt in his long years as a god!

  • Seiya appears to have ended the battle with the golden dagger, but Saturn stops him at the last second. He attacks an exhausted Seiya mercilessly. Koga and the others fight Saturn, but Saturn has defeated the power of Omega and defeats them one by one.

  • Europa and Mira attack, trying to finish off Athena and Pallas. Hyouga and Shun try to stop them, but are unable to withstand their full power. Meanwhile, Koga gets to Saturn and challenges him, but he and his friends are overwhelmed by the god's power.

  • Koga and the other saints fly through the sky after Saturn. Meanwhile, Saturn's personal guard appears on Earth. The Steel Saints fight valiantly to stop them, but Aegir appears again, with his weapon enhanced by a fragment of the Cataclysm Slash.

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