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Camp Anawanna is filled with an assortment of misfits, beauty queens, intellectuals, and athletes. And the counselors are just as crazy as the campers. Every summer they all get together seeking the thrill of hiking, bonfire songs, sports, and general mayhem. Counselor Ug continually tries to rein in the likes of campers Michael, Sponge, Donkeylips, and Bobby Budnick. The kids, however, always find ways to get around the rules and have real summer camp fun.

2 Seasons, 12 Episodes - Canceled
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Salute Your Shorts Full Episode Guide

  • The gang forms a basketball team that must play in a small camp tournament to earn the privilege of representing Camp Anawanna in a big basketball tournament. If they lose, their pictures are taped to the bottom of a toilet seat in the main lodge. Telly is the team's coach, but they keep losing. Once Budnick takes over as coach, though, everything starts to turn around and they start to do well.

  • In order to win a lobster dinner, Sponge and Donkeylips enter the wrestling tournament. But Sponge is too light to wrestle and Donkeylips is too heavy. Ug gives them a few days to change their weight, and Telly agrees to train them. Meanwhile, the other campers are trying to avoid the horrible camp food by getting Sponge and Donkeylips to sneak burgers into camp while they are out training.

  • At the girls' bunk Telly and Dina each try to bribe Z.Z. to vote one of them as Bunk Chief. At the guys' bunk, as punishment for putting a goat into Ug's cabin, all the boys must do the prep work for the Indian Counsel Dinner. The boys decide to get back at Ug by doing something that he would never expect: behaving.

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