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The television series, Samurai Jack, is an artistically well-depicted cartoon guaranteed to entice viewers of all ages and genres. The television show is not strictly action-based, nor does it follow a script in which is unbearably predictable. The combined use of storytelling and adventure will unfold a culture so undeniable and a world so unique to the audience. The world of television has never been so historical and modern, while still providing induced revelations of each mini-story and character introductions continuous.

Samurai Jack is the protagonist that leads our viewers into an entirely unknown, yet compelling world full of numerous dimensions and time periods. His character is mainly symbolic and a beautiful representation that portrays a long line of samurai warriors and their art mastery, specifically that to a blade. He must travel through time on many different occasions in order to hone his skills as a samurai, forging a path to survival. Jack's only true incentive for accepting and coming to terms with the challenges that are presented to him is his pure determination to get back home.

Essentially there is very little dialogue, which allows the series to stay simple and at the same time preserving profound quality. An absence in dialogue fills the mind with the idea of tranquility as the music later settles in. The art and graphics that come along with the show itself are impressive. When we first take a look at the art and how it's clearly able to capture and instill a calm, however euphoric feel to it. A picture that is fully enriched with empowering bold ancestry and paintbrush refinery.

The antagonist, Aku, a powerful demonic-like creature that can change his physical appearance, also known as a "shape-shifter," fulfills the ancient prophecy that throws Jack into his inevitable long journey across the globe. Each scene which involves the use of martial arts and weaponry calls for the knowledge accumulated from his scholars, mentors, and masters of the sword. Samurai Jack's performance stays impeccable in order to measure up evenly with Aku's ongoing plans for him.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 62 Episodes - Canceled
August 24, 2008
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Samurai Jack Full Episode Guide

  • Jack finds a baby and the two travel together as Jack tries to return the boy to his mother.

  • Young Jack is brought to Africa for part of his training, but when his tribe is abducted, he must learn how to use their unique sword-like weapon - and fast!

  • Aku forces an old, ace robot assassin out of retirement to eliminate the ultimate mark - Jack.

  • As Jack goes through fall, winter, spring and summer, he must battle the perils that each season brings.

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