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Sanctuary is a science fiction television show that airs on the Syfy channel. The show's original format was as web series. Each episode was released for free on the internet. The first episode aired in 2007. Once the web series became popular Syfy chose to air the show on its regular television channel. Sanctuary was created and produced in Canada by Damian Kindler.

The show follows Dr. Helen Magnus. The goal of Dr. Magnus is to use her Sanctuary Network to investigate and protect various creatures that normal people would consider to be monsters. She places these creatures in one of the sanctuaries that make up her Sanctuary Network. Dr. Magnus, who is played by Amanda Tapping, is 157 years old at the beginning of the series. Other major characters include Will Zimmerman, who plays the part of Dr. Magnus' assistant or protege. The next major character is Henry Foss. Henry Foss is the technical expert in the group, and also happens to be a werewolf. Many episodes also feature Dr. Magnus' daughter as a member of the group, who has a pretty reckless approach to their missions. Various villains and evil organizations make an appearance throughout the series, which include the Cabal.

Each season has an overall storyline that will link the majority of the episodes together. Even though there is an overall story arc for each season, the show very much follows the standard monster of the week format. Each episode revolves around a different creature, or cryptid. More of Dr. Magnus' history is revealed as the series progresses.

Sanctuary has received mixed reviews from critics, but has managed to gather strong fan support. This strong fan support led to the show being picked up by Syfy for multiple seasons. It should also be noted that many of the fans were initially attracted to the show by Amanda Tapping. Amanda Tapping became famous on one of Syfy's other television shows, so it was natural that many fans would decide to watch her new show as well.

In conclusion, Sanctuary has received strong fan support that helped keep the series on the air when Syfy was canceling many of its long running series. Even though the network had decided to completely revamp its offerings, it was decided that Sanctuary would continue to be a fixture on the network. Sanctuary had the highest rated premiere of any of Syfy's original programs.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
4 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Canceled
March 14, 2007
Science Fiction, Drama, Vampire
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Sanctuary Full Episode Guide

  • Will Magnus's plan save or destroy Abnormal-kind?

  • A final confrontation is evident as the team races to prevent the unleashing of a doomsday weapon.

  • While looking for a legendary Abnormal, Magnus and Will become trapped by a cave-in.

  • Trouble from Hollow Earth insurgents leads to a reunion... and an unanticipated betrayal.

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