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Follow the life and exploits of Politian Sarah Palin as she shares the joy and hardships of her life in the TLC reality-show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The Palin family triumphs over the harsh Alaskan terrain and interacts with the local wildlife population while dealing with drama and isolation that comes from Sarah’s political dealings.

A more rugged kind of reality-show, Sarah takes the viewer into the inner-workings of her personal life to see what her and her family do behind closed doors and what it means to live and work in the Alaskan environment.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled
November 14, 2010
Documentary & Biography
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  • In the season finale, some of the best scenes are showcased.

  • Sarah, her brother, Chuck, and their kids decide to go panning for gold in Nome. The plan: to find enough to make Sarah's mom an anniversary gift. Later they kayak a glacier that was once part of the 1890s Gold Route.

  • Sarah, Todd and daughter, Willow, head to a remote logging camp on Alaska's Afognak Island to get a taste of the Alaskan logging industry. Sarah cuts down Sitka Spruce trees and operates dangerous logging equipment on the island.

  • Sarah and her family are prepping for an over night trip that includes white water rafting and ATVing. Later, Sarah and Piper spend some mother/daughter time. They meet Iditarod champions and go dog sledding on a nearby glacier.

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