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Series Length:1 Season, 20 Episodes
Network: Adult Swim

The show is about the survivors of a group of explorers known as STRATA. Their mission to explore the center of the earth went terribly wrong, killing all but 3 of the original crew. The survivors, Saul Malone, a geologist; Johny Tambourine a British pop star; and Robot a robot; must now live together and find a way to return to their home. They must survive a variety of obstacles while living with the strange and bizarre Mole Men.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Rating: 9/10
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19 Adult Swim Episodes
  • Our heroes set out to stop Otnip and his Asteroids from destroying the world.

  • Saul is caught between a rock and a hard place.

  • The Gang contemplates an odd growth on Saul's groin.

  • Clancy searches for answers about the Mother Rock as Saul flirts with death.

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