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The gang from Saved by the Bell graduated high school, and most of them ended up in college together. Zach, Screech and Slater share a dorm room, and they are right across from a group of girls who strike their fancy. When one of the girls leaves, a favorite of Zach

1 Season, 19 Episodes - Canceled
September 14, 1993
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  • Lisa Turtle shows up for Kelly's wedding, and the girls fight over who will be maid of honor. Weddings plans don't run smoothly as Zack and Lisa consult a shady jewelry salesman for a wedding ring. Kelly and Zack are in shock when they see their rundown, off-campus apartment. And their meeting with the minister is interrupted by a wild bachelor/bachelorette party thrown for them.

  • Each person in the group deals with the grief of their popular Professor in his/her own way. Zack decides that life should be lived to the fullest so he goes skydiving. When Kelly worries that Zack's life is in danger, she realizes how much she cares for him and they get back together.

  • Zack gets a job at the student health center to be close to Kelly. He doesn't plan on Lasky being admitted to the hospital because of an ulcer. Zack creates a plan to fake an illness so he could share a room with Lasky while keeping an eye on Kelly. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang contemplate getting tattoos.

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