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Scare Tactics is a hidden prank show that gives people the chance to pull off a scary prank on their friends. The show usually involves having a person being brought to a certain place with their friend who is usually in on the entire prank. The scary prank could be done in all kinds of places, and usually it will involve something completely supernatural. Usually the beginning of the entire prank is very normal and involves showing the the prankee in an ordinary position, but there will come a time when something happens, whether it'd be a scary monster or being stuck in a room with a killer of some kind.

There was a prank of somebody in a Halloween costume store, and suddenly the clown mascot inside of the costume store came to life. This was an episode that definitely scared many people when going to a costume store. Scare Tactics is one of the most respected shows that go more into pranks that end up scaring people rather than embarrass people. The show is not meant to make those that are getting pranked enjoy the experience and smile. It is meant to scare them to death. At the end of every time somebody is pranked, their friend or somebody else will ask them the question "Are you scared?" They will then go on saying the words "yes", but then the friend will go on saying "You shouldn't be. You're on Scare Tactics". The show has been considered as corny among several viewers, but the overall clarification of the show has received mixed reviews with the majority being good.

The show is very interesting, especially since it has successfully reached completely four big seasons. The entire concept is definitely much better than what most people made it out to be. It was not expected to be a hit show since there are plenty of other prank and related shows which have aired on MTV, VH1 and several other kinds of channels. Prank shows are very popular because it involves people getting made fun of without literally having a real script.

If you want to watch a show that isn't annoying or fake, this show is worth watching. Many critics have said that you should consider watching this if you enjoy watching people get made fun of or be in uncomfortable positions. Some episodes are scarier than others, but it is overall a good show to watch.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
5 Seasons, 96 Episodes - Canceled
April 4, 2003
Science Fiction, Reality
Scare Tactics
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Scare Tactics Full Episode Guide

  • An investigative reporter and a security guard are pranked. Also: Two undercover journalists offend a satanic cult, and a music therapist's assistant must sing a lullaby to pacify a savage prisoner.

  • Tracy Morgan participates in a prank at an awards show. Also: A blind date doesn't go as expected; an exterminator's assistant encounters a creature in the tunnels beneath a mansion.

  • In the show's 100th episode, a prank with a garden gnome plays out. Also: A child psychiatrist becomes homicidal, and a nature show turns dangerous.

  • A morgue assistant and a coma-ward worker are pranked. Plus, an insurance investigation takes an out-of-this-world direction; a search for treasure summons the ghost of an explorer.

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