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Sea Rescue is the result of a collaboration between Sea World and Littonís Weekend Adventures. The show highlights the efforts of scientists, veterinarians and volunteers to rescue and rehabilitate marine wildlife. The ultimate goal is to have animals recover and be able to be reintroduced into the wild. Sea Rescue captures the triumph and exhilaration felt by members of rescue and rehabilitation teams as animals are once gain swim freely in the ocean and successfully join their wild brethren. Additionally, the show educates viewers on current threats to fragile marine ecosystem and what can be done to prevent further damage.

Sea Rescue is hosted by Sam Champion, who is mostly known for his work as weather anchor for ABCís Good Morning America. The show is in its second season and can be viewed on ABC and its affiliate networks.

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Litton Entertainment
3 Seasons, 63 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
News, Reality
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Sea Rescue Full Episode Guide

  • A sick loggerhead sea turtle with shark bites is pulled from the Gulf of Mexico starting a road to recovery. Then when a family discovers a desperately ill bottlenose dolphin, a dedicated rehab team works to give ‚ÄúChance‚ÄĚ the dolphin a second chance.

  • Two California sea lions have fishing line wrapped around their necks and the SeaWorld rescue team steps in to help. Then rescuers help a stranded, sunburned bottlenose dolphin in Florida and they must provide months of care to get him better.

  • After saving a sick sea lion from a rocky beach in San Diego, the SeaWorld rescue team finds her strong maternal instincts provide comfort to younger sea lions in its care. Then, a malnourished dolphin strands on a beach near the U.S.-Mexico border.

  • A rescue team faces the challenge of cutting away fishing gear from a baby humpback whale. Then an epic recue is underway when a manatee wanders so far north the cold winter temperatures put his life in grave danger.

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