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"Secret Millionaire" is a reality TV show that airs on ABC that documents what happens when a millionaire goes undercover as someone down and out. This show is very successful at instilling messages of hope and encouragement while showing a graceful side of millionaires.

The show celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of the featured millionaire. The show starts out with a tale about how the millionaire became successful. On any given episode, viewers can expect to see the story of how the CEO of a well-known cookie brand overcame poverty or how the founder of a popular cosmetics company struggled with failure before hitting it big. Regardless of their line of work, the show does well in juxtaposing the well-to-do with an unfavorable environment.

The secret millionaire is tested by trials and tribulations throughout the show, culminating in a gesture of good will towards a well-known charity or organization. The millionaire might have to spend a week in section 8 housing with a 50 dollar a week budget or participate in a volunteer program to help build a church for the community. Some of the best moments are when the millionaire trades in his polished clean-cut image for a disguise consisting of a scruffy beard and rugged hat. During the journey, the secret millionaire learns that the secret to happiness is helping other people and giving back to the community.

At the end of the show, the millionaire takes off the disguise and reveals his or her identity. Co-workers, volunteers, pastors, and other people of the community almost faint in shock as they discover the ploy. For further shock value, they find out that they will be receiving a generous contribution towards their charity or organization.

"Secret Millionaire" is not only highly entertaining and comical at times, but also communicates a greater purpose of hope and encouragement to millions of people across the world. Young adults will be inspired to work hard and achieve their dreams, while the downtrodden may feel like they are given a voice. There is something about this show that appeals to everyone and is definitely worth an hour of your time.

3 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Canceled/Ending
December 3, 2008
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Secret Millionaire Full Episode Guide

  • George Rapier, the founder of a successful medical management company, and his wife travel to Oakridge, Oregon, in search of deserving people and organizations in need.

  • Wing Lam, co-founder of Wahoo's Fresh Tacos, heads to Mobile, AL, a city still recovering from the devastating Gulf Oil Spill of 2010, in search of deserving people and organizations in need.

  • CyberSynchs CEO Amos Winbush III returns to his home state of Louisiana in search of organizations worthy of donations.

  • Self-made millionaire Debbie Johnston leaves her home in Richmond, Virginia, for Richmond, California in search of organizations worthy of donations.

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VIDEO: Man Gives Shoes Off His Feet in 'Secret Millionaire'

To walk a mile in someone’s shoes is an expression that relates to learning what another person experiences. For one week an undercover millionaire does just that on ABC's “Secret Millionaire.” Last week’s millionaire, John Ferber lived in Los Angeles’s Skid Row for a week. Ferber, an Internet advertiser, spent time with a man Amin, an everyday Samaritan who uses his time to give to others around him.

'Secret Millionaire' Pays Off For ABC

Sunday ratings indicate that ABC may bank from a new reality series, "Secret Millionaire." The new reality series sends a rich person undercover to do good among the ordinary people of the world. With its first episode Sunday, "Secret Millionaire" hit the Top 10 in Nielsen ratings – a rare feat for new reality shows. The opener received a seventh-place finish and a total of 12.

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