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A group of mega-rad monsters live underground and do some crazy awesome stuff like steal the sun, get their butts kicked by a velociraptor, and fight CGI-sharks. They even wrestle!

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Monday 8:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Full Episode Guide

  • When a baby bites all of the Disgustoids but Slog, they start turning cute, so Slog must find a way to cure their adorable affliction.

  • Festro goes on a quest to the frozen wilds of Alaska for some Velcro shoes. Apparently he has never heard of online shopping.

  • Festro and The Fart take up wrestling and become hugely popular, all in the name of a single french fry. A SINGLE FRENCH FRY.

  • While travelling to Dingle's family reunion, numerous setbacks keep Dingle and the Fart from making it. Maybe sabotage. Probably sabotage.

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