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Follow the Secret Service to Colombia as they prepare for a massive international manhunt. See what it takes to take down two pair of mast counterfeiters.

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Sundays, Mondays at 8:00 pm et/pt on National Geographic Channel
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Secret Service Files
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  • Secret Service Files heads to the Field Office in Miami, a hotbed for counterfeit currency and credit card fraud. Hit the streets as an undercover agent coordinates a sting at an electronics superstore after surveillance reveals a fraud ring buying expensive goods with fake money and then returning them for the real thing. And with an anticounterfeit operation only hours away, agents construct a hidden camera inside a laptop case.

  • In the digital age, financial fraud isn't limited to counterfeit currency. Secret Service Files rides shotgun with NYC agents as the Electronic Crimes Task Force pursues a culprit using fake credit cards to cash out ATMs throughout the city. But the goal isn't to apprehend the suspect; instead, units mobilize to follow the trail of stolen money, hoping it leads to the cyber theft mastermind.

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