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Selling New York is an HGTV series featuring three top real estate companies in the cut throat market of Manhattan, New York. In each episode, brokers from CORE, Haft Kleier, and Gumley, sell pricey New York City apartments and town homes to the very rich. Apartments can range from the low 1 million, to as much as 20 million dollars. The clientele are successful actors, CEO's, clothing designers, self-made millionaires, musicians, and celebrities.

The show follows the 3 companies as they attempt to secure high priced listings with potential clients wishing to sell and purchase homes. Once a listing is secured, the show travels with the clients around New York, visiting potential homes that will suit their needs. The television audience is shown the price of the apartment, the number of bedroom and baths, and the potential commission the agent will earn if a sale closes.

The show gives a glimpse of the intricate details of how real estate is sold in New York City. It is unlike any other market in the world. Prices are extremely expensive and square footage is unbelievably small. The clients are willing to pay a premium to live in this booming market and secure a coveted address. The areas the show travels to in their search include Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Soho, Chelsea, and the Upper East Side. The agents also work with developers seeking to sell units in new buildings, offering a packaged deal to brokers who can sell all of the units. Units are promoted through many marketing techniques. Giveaways and shared commissions are offered as incentives to any broker who can bring in clients, and seal the deal.

Each episode is filled with impressive New York City buildings, featuring beautiful architecture, floor plans, and a history of the location. The competition to secure these much sought after locations is cut throat. Brokers must come up with unique and creative ways to showcase and generate traffic in order to attract potential buyers. Quite often, companies have lavish brokers open parties. At these events, brokers are invited to view apartments to be sold in hopes they will set appointments to bring in their clients, thus making a sale and securing a high commission.

By the end of each episode, the show updates the viewer of the status of the clients, as well as the outcomes of the transactions.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
8 Seasons, 112 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 18, 2010
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Selling New York Full Episode Guide

  • A TV sports producer who's looking to buy a lake house in CT, can't move forward until her agents sell her Chelsea home. The agents have face-to-face meetings with top brokers to hard-sell the merits of the property.

  • Deborah Lupard of Warburg and Charles Homet of Halstead Properties both are challenged to sell their client's apartments in the area known as DUMBO.

  • Andrea and Javier have sold their current place without even listing. Now they want to downsize without losing any of the beauty and integrity of their current dream home, but they only have 2 weeks to do it.

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