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This show is about murders that happen in different countries around the world that have not been solved. Detectives try to enlist the help of psychic detectives to use their abilities in order to receive new leads. An investigator attempts to gather all the information from the psychics in order to process new leads to solve these murder cases. The psychics are given photographs as a tool to assist with revealing their true psychic abilities.

In the show the psychics are able to talk to the murder victims to try and receive clues to help communicate with families and detectives in order to solve their murders.

Investigation Discovery
1 Season, 10 Episodes
October 24, 2016
Documentary & Biography
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Sensing Murder Full Episode Guide

  • College freshmen Cassandra Hailey and Keith Call left for their first date on April 9, 1988, and were never seen again.

  • On June 13, 1977, 26-year-old apprentice nun Robin Elam was raped and strangled in a field near her convent in West Virginia.

  • On November 15, 1998, 18-year-old Miranda Fenner was murdered at a video store where she worked in Laurel, Mont.

  • On July 30, 2003, Angela Lee was beaten and strangled to death in her home. Three years later, the police have no concrete leads.

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