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When you think of a serial killer it is usually someone with no heart, no soul, an evil person who takes the lives of others. A serial killer is usually someone with no cares or thoughts for the victims. Every day lives are lost through natural events on our planet, the Earth.

This series focuses on these natural disasters which have killed people through the years. There are eye witnesses and video to show some of the horrors. There are also experts commenting on the personal accounts and video to explain how these natural disasters stack up throughout history.

History Channel
1 Season, 10 Episodes
History, Nature
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Serial Killer Earth Full Episode Guide

  • A flaming tornado terrorizes a team of firefighters. A Hawaiian volcano obliterates an island. And an avalanche of rocks and debris wipes out a village in Honduras.

  • Apocalyptic dust storms suffocate cities around the globe. A tornado chases a family, nearly crushing them with their truck. A volcano blows its stack almost annihilating the population of the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature continues to wreak havoc.

  • In Southern California, raging wildfires set the stage for a massive mudslide killing 14 people at a campsite. A tornado targets an Oklahoma truck driver. And an Indonesian volcano erupts, smothering nearby citizens with a blanket of ash.

  • A wildfire threatens to swallow a group of Russian firefighters. A hurricane takes dead aim at a Florida weatherman. And in Korea, a massive landslide wipes out traffic on a busy road.

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