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Series Length:1 Season, 9 Episodes
Network: Showtime

The TV show is edited by Dane Thompson and produced by Norman Denver. Executive producers are Laszlo Barna and Paul Jay. The TV show is not for individuals under the age of seventeen due to the explicit sexual content. The TV show ran as a series on a cable television station.

The TV shows two main characters are Doctor Chase and Doctor Kate. Doctor Chase is a sex educator while Doctor Kate is a sex therapist. They are conducting research for a book pertaining to sex but their publisher wants the book not to be about just sex but what does love got to do with it. Doctor Chase and Doctor Kate take each person into an enclosed room to ask very personal questions about their sex life and video tape each session. The interviews are with both sexes but also with people that have sexual fantasies. The research brings up topics dealing with commitment of relationships, the commonalty of sex and love, moving forward once a relationship is over and is love considered a payment.

Doctor Chase and Doctor Kate after many interviews are beginning to analyze their own sexual lifestyle and why they are having trouble in making a commitment with the opposite sex. The series and episodes have each of them dating and exploring on what they want not only as a monogamy relationship but their sex life. However, Doctor Chase has a problem with monogamy relationships and believes that human beings were genetically programmed to have infidelity in any relationship. There are several scenes that show Doctor Kate and Doctor Chase analyzing their relationships through their subconscious in a dream state. Their publisher wants several rewrites and finds that Doctor Kate's argumentative demeanor out ways many of Doctor Chase's findings.

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  • Richard and Mary have been married for 29 years and still have sex two times a day. Mary wants the quality of sex to improve and would like her husband to spend more time being intimate without having sex. Richard believes that sex is a physical act that is best performed when disconnected from feelings of love; Mike and Michelle live in Philadelphia and have been married for five years. Two years ago, they nearly divorced after Michelle had an affair with another man. Ever since the affair, Mike has not been able to let go of his anger and pain; Bobby and Rachel are a young couple who've been together for a year. Rachel has a much higher sex drive than Bobby, and she wishes he would initiate sex more often. While Bobby loves Rachel deeply and is often very affectionate, he also tends to withdraw from her physically and emotionally.

  • Amelia and Wendy have been a couple for almost 3 years and they hope to get married and have kids someday. However, financial issues and Wendy's diminishing interest in sex have driven a wedge into their relationship. While Amelia has a high sex drive, Wendy is more concerned with emotional intimacy and has lost interest in the physical act of sex; Dan and Leslie live in San Francisco and have been married for two years. When they first met four years ago, Dan aggressively pursued Leslie for many months before Leslie finally fell for him. But Leslie's self-esteem was bruised when Dan stopped making romantic overtures ' and rarely initiated sex 'after winning her heart; Bruce and Michele have been married for seven years. Communication problems and unresolved tensions have built up over the past two years, causing sex and intimacy to dwindle to next to nothing.

  • Robert and Jeremy, a gay couple from Portland, have been in a tumultuous relationship for three years, and are trying to stay together after breaking up twice. While Jeremy struggles with anger issues, Robert has trouble opening up for fear of getting hurt; Three years into their relationship, Justin and Hilary come to the Berman Center to improve the quality of their sex life. Both are having trouble articulating their sexual needs and desires, and they want their sexual encounters to feel less mechanical; Cher and Lee have been together for two years. Cher's mood swings and Lee's possessiveness have been causing issues in their relationship.

  • Erin and Sarah have been a couple for nearly four years, but they have always struggled with intimacy in their relationship. While they used to have an active sex life, Erin feels that Sarah can?t ?make love? and that she has never been able to be emotionally intimate; Both successful professionals, Marcus and Tamica are very much in love after two years of marriage, although Marcus is concerned that the decreasing frequency of sex could be a sign of bigger problems in their relationship; Together off and on for seven years, Skot and Katherine want to make their relationship work, but arguments and problems in their sex life keep driving them apart. Growing up, Skot did not have a positive model for how to be in a relationship, and he has a hard time expressing love and communicating what he needs.

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