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Sgt. Frog is anime show that first began as a popular manga for teens written by Mine Yoshizaki. When the show was being created the subjective content that was geared towards older teens was watered down to attract a more family friendly audience. The story of the anime is about frog-like aliens that are from the planet Keron whose objective is to invade the planet Pekopon (a planet that closely resembles earth). During the invasion of Pekopon the plan starts to fail and Keroro's (the main character voiced by Vic Mignogna) platoon gets left behind as the troop ship leaves them while retreating.

In a foreign planet with nowhere to go the team survives by covertly living with humans. Keroro finds shelter with a 12 year old boy (Fuyuki) and his family. Fuyuki's school friend, a 13 year old girl named Natsumi constantly thwarts all of Keroros attempts on trying to take over the planet.

The first episode of the show aired in 2004. Sgt. Frog is classified under comedies and there are very humorous anecdotes sprinkled throughout the episodes. Produced by Sunrise Studios this anime was licensed under Funamation.

Through the seven years of its presence it has spawned spinoffs, official merchandise, and home movie releases. Five of the films created were created by Junichi Sato and were again produced by Sunrise. ADV used to own exclusive rights to all of the English dub copies of this anime for paying over $400,000 but in July of 2008 all rights to the English releases were all given to Funamation.

In 2009 Funamation started to broadcast the first four dubbed episodes and then began to take a hiatus on dubbing the rest of the episodes from the first season but then released the rest of them on different online streaming sites soon after. Sgt. Frog has a collection of 358 episodes and has been translated in different languages for Europe, Asia, and America.

3 Seasons, 84 Episodes - Canceled
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  • Fuyuki and the frogs travel to the Bermuda Triangle in search of a legendary buried treasure, but they better find it fast because Viper is hot on their trail!

  • After a narrowly avoiding a trip down the aisle, Tamama vows to change his ways, but suppressing his jealousy has disastrous side effects on the little frog's once-adorable body.

  • Keroro's latest get-rich-quick scheme centers around building a luxurious resort on the surface of the moon. Too bad he didn't plan for a shocking encounter with robotic alien rabbits!

  • Momoka worries about her father's intentions to test Fuyuki's worthiness, but her outrageous plan for whipping the poor boy into shape could spell doom for the world!

Most Popular Sgt. Frog Episodes

  • Season 1 Episode 10 Sgt. Frog Versus the Cavitians of Cavity 9! 6/05/2004

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