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Since the beginning, humans have strongly emphasized a fear and interest in sharks, the ocean's deadliest carnivore. Because of this fascination, Discovery Channel has created an annual televised shark-filled event known as Shark Week. During Shark week, viewers are taken into the world of these fascinating creatures from their notorious feeding habits to the amazing horror stories of shark attack victims. Shark Week is an annual event and occurs during a one-week span of non-stop shark-filled action.

Viewers can tune in to this weekly event to get a better understanding about how sharks tick. Many Discovery channel veterans such Jamie Hyman, Craig Ferguson, Andy Samberg, Philip Defranco, Adam Savage, Mike Rowe and many more are asked to host Shark Week each year and many shark specialists are invited to inform the viewers about these magnificent creatures. The experts usually set up certain research studies to carefully monitor the behavioral and migratory patterns of the Sharks.

During Shark Week, viewers are able to take a close up look at the lives of these great animals. Many species of sharks are shown during Shark Week including: the great white, tiger sharks, lemons sharks, carpet sharks, blue sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks, nurse sharks, and many more species of sharks. In addition, the marine biologists and divers usually get very close to these animals and people can see how they feed and how they react to human and settle any misconception about these animals. Many people believe that sharks are horrid creatures, that are why Shark Week is dedicated in giving people the right information and teaching them to respect, not fear them.

In addition, Shark Week takes viewers into the lives of the people who were attacked by these animals so that people can learn to embrace and respect sharks. These stories depict the scary, nail-biting moments when they were brutally attacked by scary sharks. The dramatizations of these attacks are vivid and enticing, that's why Shark Week is the longest television special in TV history.

Shark Week is the perfect television event for people who are looking for more information on these animals.

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Shark Week Full Episode Guide

  • Featuring the viewers' choice of the five most craziest moments in Shark Week's history.

  • Paul de Gelder, a shark attack survivor, and cameraman Andy Casagrande, venture into deadly shark infested waters of Australia. Their mission is to investigate a series of bizarre shark attacks in an area swarming with great white sharks.

  • In April 2013, a fishing vessel off the coast of South Africa was attacked, killing everyone on board. Marine Biologist Collin Drake investigated to try to determine the responsible predator.

  • Collin Drake returns to present new evidence of the existence of Megalodon, an enormous prehistoric shark that could still be roaming the oceans.

Shark Week News

'Shark Week' Criticized for Lies and Deception

Remember when "Shark Week" was about education, information, and just a basic celebration of the bad-a**ery that is the shark? The Discovery Channel annual special is garnering more criticism than support these days, relying on pseudo-science and fake documentaries. Now, scientists who have appeared on these "documentaries" are coming forward to say that they were misled by "Shark Week" producers, and that much of what they said was taken out of context and twisted for the benefit of producers.

'Shark Week' Sneak Peek! Check Out 2 Preview Videos

It's the most wonderful time of the year...Shark Week! Discovery's celebration of all things shark kicks off this Sunday, July 31, with new content concerning the big bad Great White shark. "Great White Invasion" will begin the festivities, as the program examines the increasing numbers of very bold Great Whites that are swimming closer and closer to humans. You can see a clip from that investigation below. The other Sunday program will be "Jaws Comes Home," which follows a shark expert as he tracks two big Great Whites named Curly and Ruthless (the latter of which is a great name for a shark, IMO).

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