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Shaun The Sheep is a television show that currently airs on the Disney Channel. It is a show that showcases the life of a young sheep who lives a weird and interesting life as a sheep in a farm. This show was considered a television show spin-off of Wallace and Gromit which was a full length feature film. Each aired show has two episodes in one, so there are two different stories all the time. More than 80 full episodes have been aired all around the globe on the Disney Channel.

Shaun The Sheep is a famous television show that takes you on through the life of a sheep who has the knowledge of a human. Shaun has the mind and brilliance of a human and he exhibits creativity and behavior which causes him to live a fun life. Before the end of each episode, he deals with different problems and must solve them. He also makes sure that he does it successfully. Sometimes different things happen to those whom he interacts with all the time, so he usually has all kinds of things happen to him, along with many problems which he has to solve within each episode. He not only has many things to deal with on a daily basis, but also a few people who don't exactly like him all that much.

There are many characters in the show that make their way onto the screen with Shaun. The way that Shaun and all the characters are made is quite interesting. The making of this show was completed the same way Wallace and Gromit was made, so it takes quite a long time to sculpt each character and make sure that everything is in place with the story. Shaun The Sheep is a show that takes weeks and weeks to shoot in order to complete a single episode. The technology behind this show is considered as ground breaking technology since the sculptors need to make a new version of the characters every time they have a new scene.

Weekdays 3:45 PM et/pt on BBC One
5 Seasons, 44 Episodes - Canceled
March 5, 2007
Anime, Comedy
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Shaun the Sheep Full Episode Guide

  • Hammer:The Farmer discovers one of his wellies is missing! He summons Bitzer to retrieve it just as Shirley launches her victory shot - landing the missing welly on Bitzer's head.Ping Pong:A vigorous table tennis match sends Shaun around the world in his attempts to return the ball to his opponent.Trampoline:Shaun takes an unexpectedly energetic journey around the farmyard as his bouncy castle trampoline deflates.Steeplechase:The audience become so engrossed in counting sheep as they jump the fences, they doze off!Beach Volleyball:A noisy, vuvuzela touting supporter is finally silenced after trying to put off the opposing team.Hockey:When the Old Lady realises her umbrella is being used as a hockey stick she seizes the opportunity to score the winning goal.Swimming:After a muddy race the spectators wait with anticipation to see who is revealed as the winner.Relay:Bitzer is surprised to find himself the winner of the relay race when his bone is used as a baton.100m Dash:Slow and steady wins the race! Shaun and his fellow competitors are exhausted by 2 false starts, but Shirley's inertia leaves her with the energy to win the race.BMX Shaun:A Pig's attempt to sabotage the BMX race is foiled by an unexpected meeting in the henhouse.Rings:Shaun gets himself into a real twist when he dismounts from the Rings.

  • Picture PerfectBitzer has completed all his chores and is at a bit of a loss. He's delighted when he discovers the Flock's barn needs a good tidy-up - until he comes across a wonky picture that just won't hang straight.Hidden TalentsIt's a quiet day and the Flock decide to entertain each other by performing their favourite party tricks. However, when the Farmer tries to join in, things get a little awkward.Fruit and NutsTired of eating grass, Shaun sets out to pinch one of the Farmer's prized apples only to have every attempt ruined by his constantly sneezing accomplice - a Sheep, who much to Shaun's frustration, has decided to be his new best friend.

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