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Shin Chan (also known as Crayon Shin-Chan) first began with a manga like other popular animes. The manga series was created by Yoshito Usui in 1990 and was featured in the Japanese magazine Weekly Manga Action. In the year 1992 the show finally aired on television with its creator still making new volumes for the manga at the same time. Even though the show was broadcasted in '92, it took a few years for it to be translated into English for its audience in America.

As the anime grew in popularity so did the abundance of crude or region specific jokes. Many American viewers of the anime found the dialogue sometimes hard to comprehend due to them not having a complete understanding of the culture in Japan. This show is also dubbed for other areas like China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and places in Latin America.

The show's creator Yoshito died in a hiking incident in September 2009. On the day of his death an announcement was broadcasted to the viewers stating that the manga and anime (in its current form) were over. Usui's team relaunched the show and manga in 2010. Shin Chan has over 800 episodes and there have been tons of merchandise made for the show. Some of the items made were video games (Playstation, Game Gear, Game Boy Advance), movies (over 15 TV specials and films), and toys (official dolls and watches).

Shin Chan's story is quite simple. He is a five year old by the name of Shinnosuke Nohara and he lives with his parents in the Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture. Unlike the other kids in his neighborhood Shin behaves very bad and says things that are not meant for his age. Shin clearly takes after his father who is a big influence on him. Each episode is just an inside look on what a normal day is like when you are living with a child like him.

3 Seasons, 78 Episodes
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