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Silent Library is a variety show that airs on MTV that is based off a popular Japanese show. Silent Library features a group of friends for each show that have to go through activities or obstacles in order to win money. The longer the show goes the higher the money is for each challenge. There are many different rules to this game and the first and most important one is that the contestants cannot make sound. Hence the name silent library.

Each show there is a new group of friends looking to take on the challenge. This six man crew can be unfamiliar faces or very high list celebrities that come on with their friends. Once they sit down at a table everyone grabs a card and flips it over. If they get the mark on their card then that means they have to complete the challenge while the other group members watch. However, if these group members make a reasonable amount of noise during the challenge they will all lose anyways. If the challenge is completed in time and no one makes a good amount of sound then they get the money. After the game is over the host of the show who stands behind the librarian's desk hands out the payout.

This show features ridiculous challenges that are meant to have you laugh or even cringe. Expect a lot of disgusting goo that the contestants have to do something with or a challenge that deals with pain or embarrassment. This is even better when the celebrities themselves have to complete the challenge. Silent Library is a variety show on MTV that imitates a Japanese show in order to make the audience laugh or cringe.

4 Seasons, 86 Episodes - Canceled
June 15, 2009
Game Show, Comedy
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  • Toothpaste cookies and hot sauce snow cones are on the menu today in the Silent Library.

  • Six friends battle a donkey, a turtle and an Italian chef in the Silent Library.

  • Six friends are slapped, pecked, and beaten in this episode.

  • Ranch dressing and rancid ice cream are on the menu today in the Silent Library.

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