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As one of the early evening news programs, many people will be wanting to learn more about the history of the Six O'Clock News. This news channel has established itself as one of the premier stations out on the waves. Many people will be watching to see how this channel covers major events as they occur. This is due to the fact that the Six O'Clock News routinely covers important events over time as well.

This news program typically follows the first half hour of the BBC news coverage block. This helps to set the stage for different types of world and national events that occurred during the course of the day. Six O'Clock News follows a fairly standard news format, helping to provide coverage for important events throughout the evening.

There are many different correspondents who have appeared on the Six O'Clock News over the years. This has helped the station develop its programming in a few simple ways as well. It sets the stage for other news programs that may follow, including those in 24 hour news networks. The Six O'Clock News has set a standard for coverage and features staff dedicated to the production of high quality news.

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BBC Six O'Clock News
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  • A documentary about television news in the United States. Documentary filmmaker Ross McElwee focuses on the real people behind the tragedies shown on the news, also the randomness of fate, parenting anxiety and the difference between reality and representation.

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