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“Skip Beat!” is a slice of life anime about an innocent, young, high school girl, Kyoko, who drops out of school to follow her childhood love, Sho, to the big city. Sho has a blossoming, and very promising career as a pop singer and Kyoko is determined to support her love by working multiple part-time jobs to pay for an expensive apartment where both of them reside. There’s just one problem, the endearing love Kyoko feels for Sho is not at all reciprocated. As a matter of fact, Sho exploits her love by treating her like a maid and a disposable resource to fund his climb to stardom. It’s obvious that his rising status as a pop star has gone to his head; his character is a spoiled, self-centered narcissist who is determined to do whatever it takes to get to the top.

One evening, Kyoko stops by the talent agency to surprise Sho with dinner and over hears a conversation between Sho and his manager. His manager inquires about the status of Sho and Kyoko's relationship. Sho explains to her that she’s just a childhood friend who’s obsessed with him and that he would never be interested in someone so plain. Kyoko bursts into the room fuming with anger over Sho’s blatant dismissal of their friendship and her feelings. She swears to get revenge by joining the entertainment industry and surpassing him in popularity and talent. However, Sho doesn't believe she will follow through.

Kyoko decides a complete makeover is the first step; she cuts her hair, uses her hard earned rent money to purchase a new wardrobe, and visits a prestigious talent agency to embark on her new career in entertainment. She joins a prestigious talent agency where she meets many interesting people, like a popular, young, charismatic actor, Ren; Sho’s biggest rival in the industry. Comedy ensues, as she works diligently to hone her acting skills and learns life lessons that could potentially lead to a romantic encounter.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 25 Episodes - Canceled
October 5, 2008
Anime, Comedy, Drama, Romance
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  • Unable to get into the character of Katsuki, Ren breaks down. Given time to find his version of Katsuki a worried Kyoko realizes there are ways she can help.

  • When we left off, Kyoko accepted the role Mio in the remake movie, "Dark Moon" and despite difficulties in early on, Kyoko has continued on proving that she deserves the role. However, Kyoko's goes missing, and after being warned by the production staff, Ren prepares for the worse. Meanwhile, Sho learns of Kyoko and Ren's scene together...

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