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Series Length:1 Season, 34 Episodes
Network: Disney

Slugterra is a computer generated animation focusing on the underground world of Slugterra that is occupied by a variety of humans and mythical creatures. The show was produced by Nerd Corps. Entertaiment for the Disney XD channel in North America and has spawned two seasons for a total of 26 episodes each lasting around 22 minutes. Slugterra is the brainchild of Asaph Fipke, an expert in computer generated animation who has produced shows for networks, including Cartoon Network and YTV; Slugterra uses an animation style similar to those used in many Japanese Anime series.

The main focus of the animated series Slugterra is the character of Eli Shane who has spent the majority of his life on the surface of the planet Earth being tutored by his father, Will Shane. Throughout his life Will Shane has been responsible for protecting the underground world of Slugterra from invasion by evil forces, including the main bad guy of the series Thaddius Black; following a battle with Black, Will Shane has dissapeared. Following his father's dissapearance Eli Shane travels to the underground world of Slugterra on his own to search for his father and train to become the world's greatest slug slinger.

Once underground Eli Shane assembles a group of unlikely friends and helpers, including Pronto the Magnificent who is a tracker incapable of finding his way and telling directions. Pronto is commonly the butt of jokes by a cave troll, known as Kord Zane who helps protect the group. Another major character in the series is Trixie, a slug expert who can tell the difference between different species and heps the group escape when they face trouble they cannot overcome.

Throughout the show Eli Shane attempts to protect the underground world of Slugterra by using his slug slinging skills in duels against evil interlopers, mostly sent by Thaddius Black. Eli also attempts to relocate Will Shane and prove his slug slinging skills to his missing father and join him in being the main protectors of Slugterra.

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Rating: 8.5/10
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33 iTunes Episodes
  • Dr. Blakk creates a gap in the magical slug-energy barrier that protects Slugterra, but creates a way for the evil Darkbane to tunnel their way up from the Dark Caverns.

  • Dr. Blakk comes up with a way to make his ghouls faster and stronger, but Eli vows to defeat them.

  • Eli questions Dr. Blakk while he’s captured in prison and learns the truth about his origin, how and why he discovered ghouls and most importantly, the truth about his father.

  • When Dr. Blakk is captured, the Shane Gang is responsible for transporting him to Stalagmite 17, the only prison that can contain him.

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