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Small Town Security is a U.S. reality TV show that is broadcast by the AMC cable network in North America. The show was first broadcast in 2012 and focuses heavily on the relationships of the members of JJK Security instead of on the business side of the company. Located in Ringgold, Georgia the show tells the story of a security company owned by Joan Koplan that is run with the assistance of her husband Irwin and a devoted employye Dennis Croft. Produced by Left/Right Productions for AMC the Koplan's admitted actively seeking out a production company to produce a reality TV show based on their company.

The first episode of the season sets the standard for what is to be senn in the rest of the shows; JJK Security owner Joan Koplan admits to her problems with using foul language and claims to have lost a job as a TV talk show host because of the problem. Returning to public access television Joan revives her short lived TV show as long as it is kept clean on the orders of the station manager. Controversy followed this first episode as devoted employee and friend Dennis Croft was revealed to be transgender.

Throughout the season the relationships between Joan her husband Irwin and employee Dennis are often strained because of Dennis's love for Joan; Irwin spends much of the first season proving his love for Joan and discussing the love triangle between the three. Irwin and Joan also have problems keeping their security business afloat with Joan often complaining the company is hers and Irwin should remain an employee instead of trying to improve business and find new clients. Amongst the personal issues included in the show are Joan's battle to remain active despite her Parkinson's disease and the extended family members who often visit the offices of JJK Security.

Small Town Security received mixed critical reviews with some critics questioning the authenticity of the show while others found the characters compelling and their truthfulness authentic.

Sundays at 11:00 pm on AMC
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 15, 2012
Action & Adventure, Drama, Family
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  • Irwin de-stresses while Joan convalesces in L.A. Dennis reveals his biggest shocker yet about Joan. The gang celebrates JJK's 30th Anniversary.

  • The guards go on a training mission overnight in a cave; Joan addresses her bad diet habits as her recovery continues.

  • Joan begins radiation treatment, but fails to relax. Christa's hours are cut at the JJK, so she has to take on some odd jobs to make up for it.

  • Christa does some dirty work. Joan receives a diagnosis and discovers the side effects.

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