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So Random! Is a sketch-comedy show aired on Disney Channel, it is considered and American television show despite airing in many countries. Although it aired on Disney channel, So Random! did not feature any of their most popular stars of the time. It lasted only one series which ran from 2011 until 2012. The series premier in 2011 was watched by more than 4 million people. Critics were very widespread in their thoughts of this show, however by the fall of 2011 most critics were rating it around five out of ten stars, one of the first signs this show would not last long. So Random! is a spin off from another Disney sitcom and retained much of the same cast. Despite being a sketch comedy the show, it retained a basic plot and theme from its parent show. Each show is written by two writers, each sketch however can have as many as twelve working on it at one time. The series was not filmed with a live studio audience, but uses laugh tracks and special effects to simulate one.

The main recurring characters are, Tawni who is played by Tiffany Thornton. She is a blond and often portrayed as the stereotypical ditzy blond. Chad is played by Sterling Knight, a blond haired boy often portrayed as an egotistical snob. Nico Harris is played by Brandon Mychal Smith. Nico is the only recurring African American character and is portrayed in many lights including nerdy, silly and sinister. Grady is played by Doug Bruchu. Grady is often portrayed as being slow to learn, often making the same very obvious mistakes in sketches to the sounds of a laugh track. The last main character is Zora who is played by Allisyn Ashely Arm. Zora is smaller than the rest of the cast and as such is considered younger than the rest. She is often used to portray annoying little sisters, bratty children and other irksome characters.

Sunday 8:30 PM et/pt on Disney
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Canceled
June 5, 2011
Children, Comedy
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  • Jamtron, the test-grading robot, sings and dances for the class; Julia hosts "The Zachy's" award show in a hotel closet; Janice gets a job at "Hoagie's" and brings her back-up singers; a sales rep introduces kids to the serious version of silly bandz.

  • Shane Harper performs "One Step Closer."

  • New Boyz perform "Meet My Mom."

  • The Ready Set performs "Young Forever."

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