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Spider-Man Unlimited is a superhero action adventure animated series based on the Spider-Man animated series from the 1990s and the Spider-Man comics. The show aired on Fox, and ran for thirteen episodes from October 1999 - March 2001 in the United States. In the series, Spider-Man, voiced by Rino Romano, tries to prevent his enemies, Carnage and Venom, from boarding a space shuttle with John Jameson, voiced by John Payne II, to Counter-Earth. Spider-Man comes under intense scrutiny for his perceived role in causing Jameson to lose contact with Earth. Peter Parker rushes into a fire and rescues a civilian, and is thought to have died in the fire himself. Peter then utilizes nanotechnology to create a special suit that will allow him to sneak onto Counter-Earth and rescue John Jameson. On his way there, Spider-Man discovers that Jameson has joined a group of freedom fighters who seek to combat the High Evolutionary, voiced by Richard Newman, and his human and animal-like creatures called the Beastials.

Jameson desires to defeat all of the Beastials before he returns to Earth, and so Spider-Man decides to stay as well. He uses his identity as Peter Parker to go unseen and combat the High Evolutionary and his forces as Spider-Man, together with the freedom fighters. Meanwhile, Carnage and Venom are under the control of an evil being called the Synoptic on Counter-Earth.

Spider-Man Unlimited was directed by Patrick Archibald and executive produced by Avi Arad. The series was produced by Marvel Studios and Saban International A. G., and distributed by Saban Entertainment. Spider-Man Unlimited features the voice talents of Garry Chalk, Michael Donovan, Brian Drummond, Christopher Gaze, Jennifer Hale, Rhys Huber, John Payne II and Rino Romano.

Saturdays on FOX
1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled
October 2, 1999
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Spider-Man Unlimited Full Episode Guide

  • Angered by the constant defeats, the High Evolutionary starts a massive crackdown on the human resistance. He threatens to systematically destroy all human homes unless Spider-Man and the rebels surrender to his forces.

  • While visiting the grave of her parents, Karen is captured by the beastials. Spidey and X-51 go in to rescue her, but much to their surprise, they find her well treated... courtesy of the High Evolutionary.

  • The beastials use a new weapon on Venom, separating the symbiote from his host, Eddie Brock. But alone, Eddie can't survive, leaving Spidey the choice between watching Eddie die, or recreating one of his worst enemies.

  • Bromley leads Spider-Man into the hands of the HIgh Evolutionary after he is promised to meet his long, lost brother. But was it really worth it?

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