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The television series entitled Squid Girl is about a young girl who originates from the seas and comes to land for a mission. Squid Girl leaves the seas and decides to come and destroy the whole of mankind. She is called Squid Girl because she has some fully developed tentacles on her head which look exactly like those of a squid. In addition to that, she also has other characteristics of a squid. For instance she glows in the sun, she changes her body weight to adjust her tentacles to suit any situation at hand. She wears a mysterious hat which she considers to be a protective covering over her head and tentacles. She knows that if anybody removes the hat from her head she will eventually die. She feeds on shrimps and is scared of whales. Squid Girl is not happy with humanity because she considers them the major polluters of the ocean. She says mankind deposits all its wastes in the seas and oceans and pollutes them without considering the fact that there are living creatures in those seas.

She designs her program on how to attack, and decides her first step is to build her base at the beach. She chooses the lemon house owned by Aizawa siblings. She quietly goes to the house to monitor their activities. Unfortunately she breaks one of their walls and they ask her to repair it. Since she has no money on her, she is forced to offer her services as a maiden in exchange for the repair of the wall. She gladly offers her services while staying in the beach house and gradually plans her next move. She realizes she has to learn many things on how to live on land. She starts learning from the Aizawa siblings as well as from other people who come to the beach house every day.

The Aizawa sisters include Eiko who is the manager of the beach house, Chizuru the cook and Takeru.

TV Tokyo
2 Seasons, 34 Episodes
October 27, 2016
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Squid Girl Full Episode Guide

  • Squid Girl decides that the Lemon should test their defenses against other invaders. But little do they know Squid Girl has other plans for this mock invasion...A fight breaks out between Squid Girl and Eiko and this time things aren't patching up as quickly. With the tension in the air Chizuru closes the restaurant early so the group can go to the local Festival. Will Squid Girl go back to the sea or will a mysterious visitor be the key.

  • The Aizawa family and Squid Girl sit down to a Korean barbeque dinner. Eiko fights to win a piece of beef from Squid Girl and Chizuru's speedy hands and tentacles.Ayumi is being hit on by a few guys in front of the Lemon when Eiko saves her. Ayumi asks Eiko to teach her how to protect herself.On an insanely hot summer day, the three stooges show up at the Lemon with their latest gadget which cools the building. Being unable to attract customers with the coolness, they decide to up the power...

  • Squid Girl is the dad, Eiko is the mom, Sane is the other woman, and Kiyomi is the other other woman who is pregnant… This is getting weird. When Chizuru and Eiko give Squid Girl a bag and planner, she turns to Kiyomi to how use them. This will be Squid Girls first time at the amusement park and the last time.

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