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Star Blazers is an adaptation of a Japanese animation in the anime style that was reworked to be popular in the U.S. The series takes place over three seasons and contains interconnecting stories stretching across each season; characters appear in each of the three seasons that take the human characters away from Earth on missions into space.

The animated television series Star Blazers was syndicated throughout the U.S. by the Westchester Corporation in conjunction with Claster Television. American scripts were written for the Japanese animated series that made the story more accessible to young U.S viewers; themes that were prominent in the Japanese version included alcoholism and violence were replaced in the U.S. series. The Japanese series were produced in the 1970s and were dubbed in the U.S. during the late 1970s and 1980s.

During the first season of Star Blazers, entitled The Quest for Iscandar the World War II battleship Yamato is fitted with an engine of alien origin to take the ship into space. The Earth has been held under siege by the alien Gamilon Empire who have destroyed the surface of the Earth with a nuclear attack. Queen Starsha of the planet Iscandar offers the use of CosmoDNA to reverse the effects of the nuclear attack on the Earth's surface; the ship must reach her planet and return to Earth within a year if the planet is to be saved.

The successful completion of the mission in season 1 is followed in season 2 by a new invading army giving the season the title The Comet Empire. An approaching comet is the cover for an alien empire that wishes to enslave the people of Earth. The battleship Yamato is again given the mission of saving the Earth; the battleship is now under the command of the deputy Captain Derek Wildstar. Like the first season The Comet Empire is made up of 26 thirty minute episodes. A less successful third season, entitled The Bolar Wars was produced with different voice actors to the first two seasons and various animation quality problems.

In Japan the anime franchise remains popular and led to a 2010 live action movie. Attempts to produce a U.S. based live action movie have so far proved unsuccessful; production companies including Walt Disney have made attempts to produce live action versions of Star Blazers.

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Star Blazers Full Episode Guide

  • Mission Day 299. Earth is one month from the end when the Argo arrives with the cannon from Gardiana.

  • Mission Day 283. Mariposa directs the Argo through a dimensional gateway to the Planet Gardiana. Unknown to them, Desslok's fleet follows, and Golsakov's fleet sneaks in behind them.

  • Mission Day 278. The Argo enters the Skalagek strait to survey its last planet. The Star Force discovers the wreckage of the Earth ship Arizona, shot down on the planet Beta by Bolar ships, and the planet is found to be uninhabitable.

  • Mission Day 218. Flash and Jason arrive at the core of Phantom, where the planetmind has been hiding a young girl called Mariposa, the heir to the throne of Queen Gardiana.

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