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Stargate is a military science fiction show that picks up where the MGM Stargate motion picture left off. The premise of the show is almost exactly the same as the movie in which a multinational special forces team is sent through an intergalactic portal known as a Stargate that is connected to an alternate universe unfortunately for the team of explorers. This end up turning into a one-way trip, as they are unable to decipher the ancient alien code that will allow them to activate the Stargate and open up a return portal back to earth.

The television show Stargate universe (SGU) is centered around the premise that the Stargate program has found a base on a remote planet which has a Stargate that they believe will allow them to access planets and resources far beyond that of Earth's galaxy. However, as with the individuals in the previous Stargate adventures they lack the exact knowledge to activate the Stargate.

Therefore, a team of scientists and technological experts that is led by Dr. Nicolas Rush create and publish a video game that is distributed worldwide. The video gaming design in such a way as to seek out brilliant minds that can help the Stargate foundation team decipher the puzzle of the Stargate activation code, thereby gaining them access to infinite universes, with infinite resources.

Dr. Rush is aided by Eli Wallace, a young scientist who helped him create the video game, using his expertise in mathematics. After a team of individuals that were able to solve the puzzle of the videogame have arrived at the base to help solve the mystery of the Stargate the base comes under attack. Dr. Rush realizes that the explosion that will be generated from the destruction of the planet will have enough force and generate enough energy to open up the Stargate and allowed upon its occupants to return to Earth again a one-way trip. However, things don't always work out according to plan. Especially when destiny gets involved as the individuals who themselves onto a ship for evacuation of the base they soon learned that they are not in direct control of the destiny. The ship were their own as the ship will connect with varying Stargates for a fixed period of time whenever it feels like it thereby putting the individuals on board into contact with many different alien races. On many different planets allowing them to have exciting adventures and learn a few life lessons along the way. They ship powers itself by collecting energy from the top layer of the nearby stars and as the crew wanders through space on an unknown path. They are able to remain in contact with the earth to ancient communication stones that Dr. Rush had in his possession, thereby allowing them to keep earth up-to-date on their travels adventures and experiences while simultaneously trying to figure out how if ever they are going to get home.

Anyone that is interested in military science fiction aliens or exploration is sure to find something that they will enjoy with this program is an action-packed yet believable science fiction adventure. That is sure to enthralled viewers of all ages.

2 Seasons, 41 Episodes - Canceled
October 2, 2009
Science Fiction, Drama
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  • Blocked by Command Ships and their drones to the other planets, the Destiny crew must decide to take a stand or flee.

  • The drone ships block Destiny's power sources forcing them to recharge in a superhot star that could potentially destroy them.

  • While attempting to return a group of colonists to their home, the crew finds that the planet about to be obliterated.

  • Destiny discovers a colony where ironically the people claim their civilization was founded two thousand years earlier... by Destiny's crew.

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