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Steven Seagal: Lawman is a reality show that follows the life of actor Steven Seagal. Seagal is an action movie star who has been on the police force in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, for many years. The show documents his life as a deputy sheriff. During the season, Seagal is shown on routine police calls. He always has a methodical approach to dealing with suspects. His fellow deputy sheriffs look to him for guidance and assistance.

Seagal is very into Zen and even teaches members of the police force how to use Zen shooting when out on the streets. He teaches people that your intelligence can help to disarm a suspect. He is an Aikado master, which means that he has exemplary martial arts skills.

In some of the episodes, Seagal has to chase suspects and apprehend them. Most people are stunned to learn that Steve Seagal the Hollywood actor has arrested them. He tries to be respectful to suspects and even reaches out to teens that have weapons on them to try to educate them about why violence is wrong.

He is often shown helping the community and crime victims. He always listens to what people have to say and responds with kind and encouraging words. On patrol, Seagal's camaraderie with his fellow officers shines through.

He always has his eyes and ears open and does his best to protect others who are in harm's way. When one of his fellow deputy sheriffs gets injured, Seagal takes him to get Chinese acupuncture done on his knee. He educates the man about his experiences with learning about Chinese herbs and medicines first hand.

The show demonstrates that even a celebrity deputy sheriff can lend a helping hand to those individuals that are in need. Jefferson Parish was hard hit by Hurricane Katrina, and Seagal makes a difference by using his vast martial arts skills.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Currently Airing
December 2, 2009
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Steven Seagal: Lawman Full Episode Guide

  • A man is charged with running over an officer; a self-ordained pastor is on the lookout for crack.

  • Steven helps a friend's son sift through personal and professional issues; the team searches for a couple wanted for prescription-drug fraud.

  • Seagal tries to negotiate with a potentially armed suspect.

  • The team assists a smaller agency apprehend a suspected rapist; Steven teaches martial arts.

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