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Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets is the ID Discovery Channel's latest murder mystery show based on real events. While the show follows the traditional route of explaining the story from the first 24 hours of a person missing to the apprehension of killer, this show has an unusual twist. The narrator is the murder victim and the events that occurred are told through his or her eyes. Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets gives victims a voice from beyond the grave.

The murdered narrator takes the viewer on a journey of what their life looked like before it was savagely taken away. While the victim provides a narrative of their life, picture montages of the decedent and video of their hometown set the stage. The photos and footage give an in depth account of the individual's lifestyle.

Family members and friends of the victim appear throughout the 20-minute show to give their insights to the events prior, during and post the murder. Loved ones give heartfelt descriptions to explain their relationships with the victim and provide stories that illustrate the deceased's personality. While this occurs, the narrator shares his or her own comments regarding loved ones.

Actors portray the events leading up to the murder with commentary provided by detectives, relatives and friends. The narrator, who has the most details of the events, provides a bird's eye view to how the murder unfolded. Detectives and police officers involved in the case deliver a run down of how the victim was found and take the viewer back to the crime scene. As the details of the story are disclosed, the detectives offer a background on the potential suspects.

The detectives gather evidence and take the watcher on a journey depicting how the investigation came to focus on particular individuals as suspects. The narrator adds key material about his or her associations with the potential killers. As the show reaches its climax, a murderer and their motive are revealed. This unique show gives a voice to victims who can no longer speak for themselves and can be seen on the ID Discovery Channel.

Mondays at 10:00 pm et/pt on Investigation Discovery
2 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Canceled
January 10, 2011
Documentary & Biography
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Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets Full Episode Guide

  • After a long weekend, college student Kate Johnson is found lying dead on her dorm room floor. The Portland college community is shaken by this senseless murder, but the police are relentless in their search for her killer.

  • Robert Taylor's life is cut short when he is shot on his way to work. As years pass, family and friends wonder if they will ever find out who killed Robert until a guilty conscious provokes a confession.

  • Rochelle Anderson, a 25-year-old single mother, is found beaten at the gas station where she works. Police are confused why someone would want to hurt her.

  • A minister is brutally attacked in his home and later dies from his injuries.

  • Kim Dunkin's body is found in her car on New Year's Day, 1993. With little evidence, detectives are stumped. After years of leads that go nowhere, authorities finally find their man - working a most unlikely profession.

  • Tina Morton Clegg is working for a Portland non-profit when two men walk into her office and kill her. Oregon police launch an investigation that leads them into dishonesty and deception.

  • A young husband and father with a passion for cars, decides to sell his classic Mustang and focus on life as a family man. But when he vanishes, his disappearance stumps detectives.

  • Tosha Lampkin disappears. Her rental car is found burning on a rural road and firefighters discover her body in the trunk. Investigators depend on the motel surveillance camera to lead them in the right direction.

  • When high school sweethearts vanish after a wedding, everyone believes they have run off to get married. With no word from them, their families begin to worry that the couple has met a more sinister fate.

  • After a night out with friends, Teresa Comfort's body is found in her car submerged in a lake. Investigators are suspicious of Teresa's boyfriend, but he has a strong alibi. Then an unexpected tip comes in, leading them to her murderer.

  • When 20-year-old, single mom Cathy Tameny is found strangled in her Anaheim apartment, police are baffled with who would want to kill her.

  • A small town Texas girl, Lisa Allison, heads to the local car wash but disappears. The next morning, her body is found floating in the river.

  • When a volunteer firefighter and police officer doesn't call his mother on her birthday, his family knows instantly something is up. A search for his killer leads police to wonder whether if he could have been killed by friendly fire.

  • After 42 years of work with Boeing, Ron Whitehead is found dead at an intersection. His family shocked in what appears to be a car jacking gone wrong. However, investigation reveals it was no accident.

  • A pretty girl-next-door, who always had a kind word and a smile, is found dead in a field up near the quarry. Her case went cold for 16 years until two detectives refused to leave any stone unturned.

  • A beloved teacher and outdoorsman in Yucaipa, CA goes missing. When his truck is found abandoned on the side of the road, rumors surface about a man suffering from depression who might have fallen victim to a satanic cult.

  • When a devoted mother's body is found in a vacant apartment in Wichita, her kids struggle to accept why someone would commit such a crime. The graphic nature of the scene tells police it was more than just random violence - this was personal.

  • Life was perfect for a 25-year-old wife and expecting mother in suburban Chicago. But when she and her husband are shot, could it be a professional hit or is it something more?

  • Jeanette Kirby is brutally stabbed to death on an afternoon walk in the park. Two days later, a second body is found in the very same park. The murders send shockwaves through the small, close-knit community and leave police searching for a killer.

  • A man goes hunting and disappears. When police discover his body, they find two bullets and a set of footprints. In Tennessee, the woods grow thick and deep - deep enough to hide a killer for 25 years.

  • In Salt Lake City, a young father goes missing. His wife thinks maybe his responsibilities have overwhelmed him however when his body is found in the desert, it's clear he didn't leave his family by choice.

  • The disappearance of a small town woman baffles her community. The case goes cold soon after her body is discovered, but the answers lie under her fingertips.

  • A San Diego family is heartbroken when their 22-year old daughter and her baby are found strangled in her apartment. Investigators wonder what animal would kill a mom and her baby?

  • An 18-year-old Midwestern teenager vanishes one cold December night. Her family is concerned when she doesn't come home but police can't prove any crime without a body. And that's just how her killer wants it.

  • Dawn Hacheney marries Nick who becomes a minister at a local church. Their life seems perfect until Dawn falls victim to a house fire. A church member harbors a deadly secret, and the town is shocked when the truth about Dawn's death is exposed.

  • John Cataneo has the life he has always dreamed of in Holly Hill, Florida. But his life comes to a violent end and investigators are shocked to discover the real mastermind behind his death.

  • 17-year-old Crystal Faye Todd is brutally killed and evidence reveals she knew her murderer. DNA results shock everyone.

  • Michael Dojaquez, a yoga instructor in Tucson, is shot dead on his front porch. Investigators initially believe it was a robbery but further investigation reveals a web of deception and infidelity.

  • When a young mother-to-be is violently killed, Mississippi investigators become suspicious of her fiance. But is he truly the killer?

  • Sophia Martinez vanished the night she was supposed to be going on a blind date. Days later, her body and her car are discovered in the desert. Investigators are baffled by the murder, until an ATM receipt leads to the killer.

  • When Jerry Monroe is discovered murdered in his own bar, Police examine every possible scenario until they receive a promising tip

  • California grad-student Denise Huber was on her way home from a rock concert when a flat tire forced her off the freeway. Three years after she vanished Denise's remains are uncovered in a chilling discovery.

  • Ellen Robb is found brutally murdered in her kitchen initally thought to be a robbery gone wrong but evidence soon points to someone else.

  • Ali Kemp is working at the local pool for the summer. One afternoon her father discovers her brutally beaten body in the swimming pool pump room. Police search without success until Ali's father comes up with an idea that leads to an arrest

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