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Storm Chasers, the television series will follow a number of storm chasers as they attempt to capture tornados on film in the well-known area of Tornado Alley. Discovery Channel airs old episodes of Storm Chasers as they decided to cancel the series in January of 2012.

Each year, Tornado Alley is home to a number of tornados. Some of those tornados are massive in size while some are just small enough to damage a home or two. Tornado Alley received its name after a large number of tornados began appearing each year in the same locations. The number of tornados that appear each year will range on how mild the weather is and they generally will appear between the months of spring and summer.

In the 2007 and 2008 seasons, you will see Josh Wuman who is a atmospheric scientist that is well known working alongside of IMAX film creator Sean C. Casey who is working to get footage inside of the tornado while Josh's goal is to make a better system for alerting people to a tornado. The main goal is to make the warning system better. The team of chasers is going to use the armored car called the tornado intercept vehicle in order to capture the footage of what it is like inside of the tornado.

In 2010, Matt Hughes was a rider who rode in the TIV during the year 2010 had attempted to commit suicide in May. The show aired in November dedicating the show to Matt. In March of 2011, IMAX released Tornado Alley, which also was dedicated to Matt. The whole season filmed in 2010 would be dedicated to Yazoo City where the storm chasers followed after a tornado that was a mile wide and caused massive damage in Mississippi. The storm chasers were the first people on the scene who were there to try and help people get out of their homes and capture the damage that was done.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
4 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Canceled
October 17, 2007
Documentary & Biography, Reality
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Storm Chasers Full Episode Guide

  • Extreme chasers Reed Timmer, Joel Taylor, IMAX Filmmaker Sean Casey, and Tim Samaras present their most exciting tornado chasing moments.

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the storms from 2011.

  • In the last chase of the season, Team Dominator attempts a monster tornado for a radar intercept. Team TWISTEX tries to deploy their probe in its path, and the TIV team is on the path for a collision.

  • Team Dominator risks everything to issue a warning to people in the path of a violent storm, but internal strife threatens to end their season early. Still gun shy after witnessing devastation this season, Sean Casey is trying TIV team's patience. Team TWISTEX tries

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