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Strawberry Shortcake is an animated television series first produced and developed by American Greetings. Now in its third generation, the franchise is owned and aired by the Hasbro company. This generation premiered on the HUB network in 2009. The relaunch has seen quite a few changes from the first generations. The show now has a more modern look with computer generated animation. While many characters have crossed over from previous generations, this relaunch has changed several aspects of their personalities. The look of the characters have also been modernized, with clothing and hair more resembling today's fashion trends.

The series follows the adventures of the show's namesake, Strawberry Shortcake. She runs the Berry Bitty Cafe in Berry Bitty City, a tiny town under the leaves of a strawberry patch. She lives there with her five closest friends. Orange Blossom, one of her oldest friends, runs the general store, Orange Mart. Raspberry Torte, the town's resident fashion designer, and Lemon Meringue, who owns the beauty salon, love glitz and glamour. Blueberry Muffin owns the local bookstore. Lastly, there is Plum Pudding, who runs the dance studio in town. In the 2013 season, another first generation character, Huckleberry Pie, will make his way into the permanent cast. Newer characters include the Berrykins, a group of berry-shaped workers who help around Berry Bitty City; the mayor, Mr. Long-face; and Cherry Jam, a pop star just moving to Berry Bitty City.

Episodes often center around lessons of friendship. The characters of Strawberry Shortcake face dilemmas with which young viewers can relate. They have fun together, work through problems, occasionally disagree, and sometimes struggle to fit in. Through it all, they have each other--showing viewers that friendship can help see us through anything.

4 Seasons, 41 Episodes - Canceled
October 24, 2016
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  • Strawberry Shortcake and her friends head to Berrywood and run into their sassy movie star friend, Lime Light, who doesn't seem like herself.

  • Strawberry Shortcake and her friends want to reopen a movie theater to make a pirate movie, but the costumes and sets are sabotaged!

  • It's the classic fairy tale love story of Rapunzel, featuring Strawberry Shortcake and all of her friends letting down their hair!

  • It's the classic fairy tale love story of Sleeping Beauty, with Strawberry Shortcake and all of her friends playing the characters!

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