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Series Length:1 Season, 7 Episodes
Network: FEARnet

Stream is an original web series from FEARnet, chronicling the trials and tribulations of Jodi Quinn (played by Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg). Due to side effects of a drug she took when she was 17, Jodi Quinn can remember the future. Stream follows her as she struggles to reconcile her past as an intelligent, but troubled, teen (portrayed by Shanika Cotton), her present in a psychiatric facility, and her future in which she struggles to adjust to life after so many difficult years in an institution.

Stream follows Quinn as she attempts to make sense of the scattered threads of her life. Each short episode presents moments from the past, present, and future. To add to Quinn's confusion, she is confronted by other Streamers who suffer the same visions of the future. As Quinn discovers more about the stream, she finds herself unsure of her own sanity and the truth of what she sees. Ultimately, Quinn must use her visions of the future to conquer her personal demons and piece together the shards of her broken life.

As a product of FEARnet, Stream has strong science fiction and horror appeal. It carries a TV-14 rating, so parents are advised to preview the episodes prior to allowing younger children to watch the series.

Stream consists of six episodes, each five minutes long, which originally aired on the FEARnet website. The show is a joint production of FEARnet and Whoop, Inc. The series was written by Mitchell Reichgut and directed by David Jakubovic. Starring Whoopi Goldberg, the cast also included genre favorites Erik Jensen, Dominic Marcus, and William Sadler.

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  • In this episode, at long last, Jodi confronts the demons that have tortured her throughout her life. The past, the present, and the future all collide in a cataclysm of emotion, trauma and, eventually, triumph.

  • In this episode, as traumatic, violent memories of Jodi's past come flooding back, Marco and the others help her cope. But is Jodi mentally ill, or is what she's experiencing something difficult to define, and even harder to believe?

  • In this episode, it's the present and Jodi struggles to understand what she's doing in a mental institution. Meanwhile, in the future, Marco lets Jodi know that her hallucinations may not be the result of mental illness, and claims she's not alone.

  • In this episode, looking into the future we find that Jodi cannot hold off her hallucinations. As she's haunted by terrifying images from the past, a stranger comes into her life someone who claims to know exactly what she's going through.

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