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The Korean drama Su Baek Hyang, the King's Daughter is a television drama based on history from the Baekje dynasty. This television show uses traditional Korean clothing and food thru out the show. This series is about the life of the royal family. Su baek Hyang, played by Seo Hyun Jin, is the eldest daughter in the family. She loses he title of Princess in order to look for her younger sister Seolhee played by Seo Woo.

Along the way to find her sister Su Baek Hyang unknowingly saves the crown prince Myung Nong, played by Jo Hyun Jae. After saving the prince's life she ends up becoming part of a spy organization order to find her sister Seolhee. Seolhee left the town she grew up in when she discovered her step sister is a Baekje princess. She steals her stepsister's destiny. Seolhee would give anything to protect her stolen position.

MBC America
1 Season, 108 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 30, 2013
Korean Drama
Su Baek-hyang, The King's Daughter
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Su Baek-hyang, The King's Daughter Full Episode Guide

  • Marshal Hae tells Myongnong the late King's last words regarding Solnan. Solhi dreams that an important visitor is coming.

  • Solnan leaves the palace with Solhi after finishing her Dance of Grace. The King dies and Myungnong becomes the new king of Paekche.

  • The King asks Solnan why she never told him that she was the real princess. The King and Solnan goes on a trip to Kalim to talk about Chaehwa.

  • Solnan chooses to leave Paekche with Solhi. Chancellor Yon tells Solnan that Solhi was the one who told Jinmu regarding the Koguryo assassin.

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