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Sunday Without God is an anime television series based on a novel by the Japanese writer Kimihito Irie. The television series hit the airwaves on July 6, 2013. It is produced by Madhouse and directed by Yuji Kumazawa The premise of the show is that God abandoned the world on Sunday. This leads to a number of results that serve as themes for the show. The major theme is that no one that the lifecycle of birth and death is interrupted. No one in the village is able to give birth and the dead are unable to find rest unless they specific individuals known as gravekeepers bury them. The primary protagonist of Sunday Without God is a little girl Ai. She is the gravekeeper in the little village. The other major character is a boy named Hampnie Hambart. He is a gunslinger who kills everyone in the village except Ai.

Ai travels around the world serving as a gravekeeper in different villages. In addition to her duties, Ai’s primary occupation is deciphering the reason why God has inflicted such damage upon the world and to figure out how to reverse the damag.. Hampnie, the boy who killed everyone in her village, accompanies her on her journeys.

King Record Company Limited
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 6, 2013
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Sunday Without God Full Episode Guide

  • Dee sees a world that she can never be a part of and resolves to forcefully reset the world. Alis and Ai try to stop her and a grand secret is revealed.

  • Throughout the years, Dee has been destroying any outside information Alis brings in. But after a month of searching for clues only to come up empty-handed, Ai comes across a clue that suddenly makes matters a whole lot more complicated!

  • Alis take Ai and her friends to his world--a world that can only be saved by destroying it. The students of Class 3-4 have created an enclosed world that loops in time. Alis may want to destroy it, but he has an enemy in his way...

  • Ai and her group of friends go on a journey to find Scar. The journey takes them to Story Circle, the land where gravekeepers are born. Inside the foggy land, everyone must overcome haunting illusions. Who will Ai see in hers?

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