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When it comes to this series, the title says it all. I'm sure you have heard of the dog whisperer, right? Well, this show isn't far off from that. Super Fetch is about a man who is able to show you how to properly train your dog so they can be well behaved and learn all different kinds of unique tricks. If you have a dog that misbehaves, or you just want to teach your dog a few new things, this is a series you definitely will want to watch.

Animal Planet
1 Season, 20 Episodes
Super Fetch
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  • Will teaches his dog Kaia to retrieve a golf ball from the water hazard and place it on the green/Karen teaches her dog to shepherd children into a minivan.

  • Marlen teaches her dog Louis to steal the boy of her choice's laundry at the laundromat/Mark teaches his dog how to pitch a tent and collect firewood.

  • Jim teaches his dog Roscoe to be his assistant soccer coach/Desi teaches her Bernese Mountain Dog to be the hostess with the "most-est."

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