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Series Length:3 Seasons, 31 Episodes
Schedule: Sunday 11:45 PM et/pt on Adult Swim

One of the most vivid animated tales shown on Adult Swim programming would have to be Superjail! Based around the concept of an inescapable prison for the most hardened criminals, the magnitude of their beastly behavior is only matched by those that are in charge of maintaining order. The psychedelic nature of this cartoon is seamlessly interrupted throughout the duration of each episode by graphic depictions of violence, which seems to play a big role within each episode's storyline at some point. Although only twelve minutes long, there is more than enough happening within this time frame to take one on a visual journey that often times leaves the viewer debating on all that they have just watched in amazement.

Sometimes rivaling the appearance of a loony bin, Superjail!'s warden behaves in a manner that would be expected by one of the more crazier inmates in captivity. With the help of his assistant Jared, who seems to be the only one thinking with a full deck of cards at times, maintaining order still proves to be the ultimate task. An androgynous guard who's sexuality remains in question for the duration of the series teams up with Jailbot, who provides a bit of extra force in trying to control the population from overtaking the jail. They seems to cause as much or more problems than the inmates themselves, sometimes destroying the facility themselves, initiating riots of war-like magnitude. Behind the scenes are the German twins that are enlisted to provide a visual surveillance of the premises. They seems to push the inmates buttons in ways that only satisfy their own entertainment needs, then seem to disappear as soon as the problems within the prison start to occur.

Superjail! may be an animated series, but the sexual and violent content should be noted. Parents should be strongly cautioned to prevent younger viewers from entertaining the material that is shown. For the older audience, this comical portrayal of the prison system is unlike no other on television.

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Status: Currently Airing
Rating: 9/10
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  • An inmate teaches the Warden about friendship and fire.

  • When a pirate radio station hits Superail, the Warden fights back with some programming of his own.

  • When an inmate becomes a daddy, Superjail's population explodes.

  • Alice takes on a second job and finds out she has a hidden talent.

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