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Swamp Pawn is a television show that is aired on the CMT network. This television show has colorful and interesting characters that live in Bayou Pigeon, Louisana. The cast on this show will buy and sell what they catch while they are fishing or hunting in their swamp. This even includes crawfish, turtles, bullfrogs, and even alligators.

They do not run a normal Pawn Shop, like most Pawn Shops. On this television show, they get to do something they love like hunting for creatures, then sell what they catch to make money in their Pawn Shop.

Their lifestyle is unique and different, but can also be entertaining as well. The cast of this television show includes Coy Gomez, Shorty Gomez, Rick Phillips, Clayton Daley, Joney Daley, Quentin Morales, and Jamie Morales.

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Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on CMT
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Swamp Pawn Full Episode Guide

  • Rick needs a driver for the new route, but can't find anyone. Paul's transition to a new house hits a bump in the road, causing his family to be homeless for a while.

  • A new crawfish season starts up, but some of Rick's clients begin withdrawing from the business, and it could ruin the operation.

  • Austyn and Blake plan a last minute double wedding, but their fiancees aren't convinced a swamp wedding is a good idea. While Rick tries to come up with the perfect wedding gift, Clayton and Joney finally go gator hunting, but the results on the end of the line don't measure up. And Shorty heads to court to face the music over his recent legal troubles.

  • Gator season is underway, but some of Rick's hunters are continually challenged. Part-timers Nikki and Noel find their bait lines sabotaged, Paul follows Cumquat on a wild-gator-chase, and a swamp injury sidelines Austyn.

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