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When the evil Dr. Anton Arcane set Alec Holland on fire, then doused him in the experimental chemicals Alec was working on, he assumed he was dead. He dumped the body in the Louisiana swamps, where a strange thing took place. Alec's body began to mutate, and a new being was born, made of plants and swamp muck. The newly created being, now known as Swamp Thing, is super strong and can make plants do his bidding. He now fights evil and waits for a chance to get revenge on the man who made him something less than human.

3 Seasons, 73 Episodes - Canceled
July 27, 1990
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
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  • Oliver Duncan awaits death in a hospital while Archane plots to gain his former teachers secrets.

  • Swamp thing finds some "eggs" in the swamp and this makes him start dreaming about when he was human and was in love.

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