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High school sweet hearts and beach surfing buddies, Brady and McKenzie are enjoying their summer together and dreading the ending. McKenzie has been keeping a secret from Brady all summer. She feels guilty not telling him the secret that will change their lives. McKenzie made a promise to her aunt that she would attend a private school, but doesn't know how to tell Brady. However, before she leaves for private school something unexplainable happens. Both, Brady and McKenzie are magically transported inside the 1960's classic movie, Wet Side Story. In this story, a major rivalry between bikers and surfers threatens to take place. During their time inside the movie, Brady and McKenzie change the storyline. Instead of the hero and heroine falling for each other, they fall in love with Brady and McKenzie.

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  • Surfer McKenzie and her carefree boyfriend Brady catch an epic wave which mysteriously carries them right into the retro surf musical movie "Wet Side Story."

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