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Temptation Island is a reality TV series that aired in 2001-2003 that showcased married couples that had agreed to live with single individuals of the opposite gender to see how strong their relationship was. The first season was a hit, but the last two seasons ended up receiving less than ideal ratings, and the show ended up stopping production.

Temptation Island showed 4 couples that thought they were perfect together. In the beginning of the show they were asked to answer question about themselves, their relationship, and their partner to help assess the relationship. The couples are then taken to a secluded island where they will be staying for the duration of the show.

Next, the couples are split up for the rest of the show. After this, they are introduced to a single person of the opposite gender that they will be staying with until the show ends. The new "couple" are shown a certain home on the island that they will have to share.

Throughout the show the contestants are given the opportunity to answer more questions about them self, their partner, and their relationship. The object of the show is twofold: to see if the couple are truly right for each other, and to see if the individuals to resist the temptation of a single person of the opposite sex.

Will the couples stay faithful? How high will tensions run? Who's heart will get broken, and how? Lastly, how many relationships will be destroyed?

3 Seasons, 28 Episodes - Canceled
January 10, 2001
Reality, Game Show
Temptation Island
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  • Everyone returned back to the island and Kara especially wondered what the experience did for Jason. Mark brought the girls together and told them they had 5-10 final minutes before the singles would leave and they would go to the final bonfire. Kara was worried about the bonfire, while Stephanie and Jeff embraced and Melissa and Jerome soaked up their last moments together in a paddle boat. Melissa said she didn't want to go to the bonfire, but instead wanted to stay on the island with Jerome. Over at Luna, the guys took a few final moments with their single girls before they went to the final bonfire. Ashley broke down crying before Anthony left. At the final bonfire, Jason met up with Mark first. He waited patiently for Kara as Mark talked to him about his experience. Mark said he really watched Jason grow up over the time. Jason said he finally saw what he needed to change, his anger, etc. in order to better himself for his girlfriend and their life together. Mark then brought Kara

  • The next day, Melissa said that Kristin was there for the wrong reasons and meddling too much into her experience. Kristin said that by Jerome staying there was affecting her experience.Mark then called the girls back together and told them to pick their next dates. He then told them that before they chose their dates, they had to vote off one guy. Evidently Derrick had told the girls he wanted to go home so the girls let him go. Derrick told us that he wanted to go home because he was getting too close to Stephanie and how he didn't want to get in between her and Jeff. For their dates, Stephanie chose Michael to go on her date, surprising Jeff. She said she wanted to take a day off from everyone. Kristin then chose Giulio because she knew they'd have a great time on their date. Kara picked Ian because they had been hanging out a lot and she wanted to know him more. Finally Melissa chose Jerome and stated that she didn't care what anyone else thought about it. Melissa and Jerome went o

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