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Chuck is an energetic young dump truck who hopes to grow up to be a race truck like his big brother. With friend's Rowdy the garbage truck that loves to get dirty, Handy the tow truck, Digger the backhoe, Biggs the Monster truck, Boomer the fire truck, Soku the modified Japanese style speed machine, Haulie the forklift who is Chucks mom, Porter the big rig who is Chucks Dad, Rally the race truck and Chucks brother and more, Chuck manages to get out of jam after jam with his friends for the long haul. Chuck has an imagination that knows no limits and has fun experiences to remember.

The characters all have big personalities unique to each who deal with real world issues. The Adventures of Chuck and Friends were made for younger audiences but it is enjoyable for all ages. With messages kids can relate to in their own lives like being nice to your friends, sharing with others, being honest, working together, feeling left out, hard work and having patience children will be learning important life lessons all in an entertaining show that will hold their attention and keep them giggling for more.

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends are four wheels of fun for the whole family. Although the characters are all cars it is definitely not just show for boys. Girls will love the creativity too. Both kids and parents alike will enjoy the clever plots, bright colors and positive messages in this one of a kind animated series.

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2 Seasons, 39 Episodes - Canceled
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The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Chuck becomes mayor for the day and the guys tear down the old garage.

  • When Chuck "re-gifts" a coveted new toy to his pal Boomer, he sets off a series of kind acts that proves generosity can be contagious.

  • Chuck works on a Mother's Day gift for Haulie.

  • Chuck proves he needs a navigation device.

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